Monday, August 23, 2010


As one may have guessed from reading this blog, I have a problem....I spend too much time on Mlive.

I recently read a post on an MLive forum which praised the organizers of Back to the Bricks. This was, of course, followed by several comments from other users who spewed negative thoughts about the city. I fought the urges, I tried to look away...but I just couldn't keep myself from writing a short note of my own, explaining that I rather enjoy being a young person in the City of Flint, and made the following statement:

"It was wonderful to see so many people, even if just for the weekend, see the beauty that I see in the city every day."

This was, of course, followed by several comments from other users who spewed negative thoughts about the city. Including this one, by the opinionated "Tampabbay99"

"Name ten beautiful things about that dump!!! "

Again, I had to hold back the urge to simply spew some words of my own. But then I thought about the right way to respond. What were 10 things that I found beautiful about Flint. I now have 10 followers, so someone must be able to assist me in this quest.

I know that responding to an MLive comment is often either like preaching to a choir...or like talking to a chalkboard, but a big piece of me wants to tell Mrs. Tampabbay ten things that she might see next time she graces my community with her presence.

So what is it? Could you name 10 beautiful things about this dump?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good news, music lovers!

I don't know if was an attempt at musical synergy, or the result of poor communication, but this weekend downtown will host both the 29th Annual Flint Jazz Festival and the 2nd Annual Flint Blues Festival. The Jazz Festival has held a long established place in the "Flint Parade of Festivals" and will take place in Riverbank Park today, tomorrow, and Sunday. The Blues Festival will take place only on Saturday in the cultural center.

I have been to Jazz Festival many times in the past, and I have always enjoyed relaxing by the river while listening to some pretty impressive acts (and wondering how they managed to get a grand piano over the canals and onto the ampitheatre stage.) This event is free, and there are usually plenty of street vendors nearby if you don't want to miss a single strum of the bass while grabbing a bite to eat.

I did not, however manage to make it to the Blues Festival last year, however it does have the hefty sponsorship of The C.S. Mott Foundation and Budweiser. Tickets are 15 dollars "at the door" but the whole event is a scholorship fundraiser for the Valley Academy. There also seems to be an accompanying downtown pub crawl on Saturday evening.

As downtown gears up for the heavy onset of August weekend visitors, a little music might be just what we need.

For more information on the acts and on the fesivals themselves, use the links at the top of the post, and happy listening!