Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Place

Back again from a writing hiatus. Last month I completed the hardest semester of my college experience thus far. While the classes that I wrote about a few posts ago were certainly interesting and eye opening, they were also extremely time consuming. The good news is that the full class load gave me some great connections that should be helpful as I continue towards my goal of in interdisciplinary degree in urban design. (That title keeps changing as different advisors come on board, I'll keep you updated)

One bright spot has been my apartment. Although I have lived in a variety of great places throughout my time in Flint, this apartment has provided me with a true feeling of home. During my most stressful weeks, and scariest assignments, I have been able to make some tea, and chat with my roomate here in my little duplex on Mason street. I was also able to havea lot of fun decorating the space. Perhaps my interest in urban planning is connected with my interest in design in general. When you think of it, planning a room, or an apartment is quite similar to planning a neighborhood or city. I like to concentrate on views, on flows, and on making beautiful (and affordable!) spaces. This isn't a blog about my interior designing, but perhaps a few photos of my apartment may give my lovely readers a little insight into my aesthetic, and into what downtown living can look like!